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Passionate About Building Emotionally Resilient Communities

YouthThink is committed to helping all families and children.  We are determined not to wait until the crises hits our door but to “Do Something” now.  We believe in focusing our efforts to include our younger population.  We will empower our parents and other caring adults to create the resiliency skills need for a thriving future individual and community.  At YouthThink we don’t just talk about it …we “Do Something” about it!



YouthThink bases all of its decision-making structure on one simple question: “What about the children?” How will the decisions we make impact our children? Do the policies we set and advocate for improve the future outcomes for our children? Do we choose what is best our children or do we settle for what we believe are adult rites of passage?

YouthThink knows that being a parent is one of the most important and difficult jobs around. We also believe that with a little help and direction in just the right areas you can have the family you have always dreamed of. What’s important is starting with a foundation that makes sense and one you can count on.

SEL stands for Social Emotional Learning and ACE’s stands for Adverse Childhood Experiences.  These two acronyms are receiving attention individually but YouthThink believes that the real power is in connecting them through awareness, education and action.

Here's what we're doing to make it happen

Click on an images below to learn more about past and current programs that have made a difference in our community.

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t2t parent
boost camps

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most of us campaign

Police Cars

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Prescription Drugs


classroom champions

Art Class
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hiding in
plain sight

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Hiding In Plain Sight Flyer_Page_1_edite
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what's strong with you?

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just serve

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