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Helping our community and youth change the thought process.

The “What’s Strong With You” program is currently operating at The Dalles Middle School. The middle school ages are and were some of the most challenging times for everyone. So often, all we hear from parents, teachers and even peers is “What’s wrong with you?”


YouthThink wants to turn that thought process around and emphasis “What’s STRONG with you”. Through this effort, YouthThink has joined forces with Comprehensive Family Services, LLC. The program offers unique opportunities for youth to increase resiliency and avert potential future problems.


The “What’s Strong With You” program views youth as unique individuals who have a great deal to offer. The program is strength-based and future focused, and designed to support youth as they build life skills and resiliency factors. Key program components includes the following:

  • Clear expectation & increased decision making opportunities

  • Opportunities to process mistakes and form collaborative agreements for the future

  • Additional support from healthy adult interactions

  • Peer support that reinforces healthy decisions and relationships

  • Opportunities to make meaningful contributions

  • Support during family transitions

  • Strong links among families, schools and community resources


Teachers, administrators, and school counselors are at an advantage of identifying potential participants for our program because of their daily contact with students.  In particular, we are looking for youth in the early stages of disengagement. To learn more about YouthThink’s “What’s Strong With You” program please contact YouthThink at 541-506-2673

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