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Awareness and education are essential to preventing drug and alcohol abuse in your home.

YouthThink knows that you want the very best for your youth. However, truth be told, there are individuals and industries that do not care about our youth in the same way. They see our youth as customers. Someone that they want to get their hooks into so that they can them to profit off their addictive products. These products range from secret hiding containers to video games and flavored nicotine products. YouthThink believes that the more aware parents and other caring adults and family members are of these harmful tactics the better we can help our children and youth be prepared to come through adolescents in a healthy and thriving way.


This mindset is why we produced our Hiding In Plain Sight videos. They can be found here on our website and also our YouthThink YouTube channel.


Our video provides examples of where youth may be tempted to hide drugs/alcohol but even more importantly what to do if you find something hiding in your teen’s bedroom. Those conversations are key and so important in keeping communication open.

You can find this video on YouTube along with other helpful and informative media. If you have any questions, please contact us at the bottom of the page.

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