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YouthThink. Creating a Community

where hope lives

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The mission of YouthThink is to inform and help create a unified community force that promotes the importance of emotional literacy and secure attachment as a way to build resiliency and ultimately prevent youth substance abuse as well as other risky behaviors and unhealthy choices.
Community change starts with you.
Our vision is for a community less
vulnerable to the negative impact
of substance abuse, where all members, especially our young people have secure attachments and the skills needed to become emotionally literate and develop the resiliency needed to flourish and live healthy and meaningful lives.

youththink inspires hope

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T2T Boost Camps
Free Parent Cafes
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JusT Serve

YouthThink knows that being a parent just may be the most important and difficult jobs around. With that in mind YouthThink is excited to share that it is teaming up with T2T Connection to bring T2T Boost Camps to our area.

Click on the icon above to learn more.

YouthThink wants to help you stay informed. The More You Know is a monthly newsletter that provides you with up to date facts and trends pertaining to health and wellness. What you do with that information is up to you. You are your own best judge for yourself and family. Click on the image above to sign up for the newsletter.

Come for what you want and leave with what you need! That's the purpose of our Parent Cafes. A night where you don't have to worry about cooking dinner or watching the kids and get to have actual adult to adult conversation. Cafe's change monthly to match a specific theme. And guess what ... you pick the next theme!

YouthThink believes in the power of service. The benefits of service go both ways. One of the better-known benefits of volunteer service is the impact on the community.

Volunteering allows one to connect to their community and make it a better place. Even helping out with the smallest tasks can make a real difference to the lives of people, animals, and organizations in need.

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